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Archadeck of Kansas City is your trusted expert Ipe deck and porch builder in the Kansas City area since 2001.

Ipe (pronounced “ee-pay”) is an exotic Brazilian hardwood, which has been growing in popularity over the last decade for its beauty, strength, durability, and longevity. We are the most experienced Ipe outdoor living design and build firm in the Kansas City area.

Ipe is a smart choice for outdoor living design for its weather-resistance, performing well year after year, with exposure to sun, wind, rain, and snow. An Ipe deck, even exposed to the elements, requires minimal maintenance, rivaling its composite deck and PVC deck counterparts in lifespan, and outperforming other wood deck and porch building products.

Lee’s Summit MO Ipe deck with picture framing, fascia detail, and low-maintenance railing

With periodic oiling, an Ipe porch or deck can last well beyond 50 years.

One of the benefits of Ipe hardwood, is that if homeowners choose not to perform periodic oiling or finishing, it still has a lifespan of 25 to 50 years. Archadeck of Kansas City has many years’ experience in designing and building custom Ipe outdoor living spaces, to include screened porches, open porches, and decks. We pride ourselves on providing products that will last our clients for many years, requiring little to no maintenance. Ipe is a vehicle by which we can offer such outdoor spaces – ones that have you enjoying your backyard, rather than working in it.

Ipe deck walkway leading to covered porch in Shawnee, KS

Ipe screened porch designs are gaining popularity – for good reason!

Adding Ipe flooring to your screened porch design will add warmth with its rich color variations. Ipe colors range from reddish, blackish, and golden browns. Oiling this gorgeous hardwood will give a more saturated color palette to your screened porch. Notice how the Ipe flooring in the screened porch below anchors the otherwise bright and airy space, adding rich colors, but not making the space dark or gloomy. Ipe is also a great choice for outdoor living areas with fireplaces, as it is naturally fire-resistant!

Shawnee KS Ipe screened porch design

Ipe is a very fine texture hardwood, with little or no knots or blemishes that would otherwise create weak points in its composition, and has little probability of splitting and splintering.

This natural Ipe hardwood deck in Lee’s Summit, MO, will remain strong and beautiful through literal decades of exposure to the elements and usage.

Beautiful Lee’s summit Ipe deck

Ipe is not just for porch flooring or decking.

Take a look at the beautiful screened porch below with Ipe flooring. These homeowners chose to apply Ipe to their fireplace façade in lieu of typical stacked stone or brick. This outdoor fireplace and hearth design create a lovely and unexpected focal point.

Lenexa KS screened porch with Ipe floor and fireplace façade

Ipe open porch design

The beautiful covered porch design below boasts a custom diagonally-installed Ipe flooring. Applying the porch planks in this orientation breaks up the monotony of the vertical pickets and eliminates the grid-like aesthetic that would otherwise exist if the planks were laid perpendicularly to the pickets. The rich colors of this flooring play in perfect contrast with the light gray and white elements of the porch design.

Beautiful open Ipe porch in Shawnee, KS


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Care and cleaning requirements are minimal, depending on your climate and finish preference.

To maintain the rich color of your Ipe porch or deck, it must be sealed with oil. If you prefer the natural wood patina, Ipe can be left unsealed, allowing it to naturally fade to a beautiful driftwood gray. Depending on your porch or deck’s location and climate exposure, the treatment process should be performed every 1 to 2 years.

Rich colors of a sealed Ipe deck

If you allow your deck to fade, and wish to get the color back, pressure washing, or sanding will be necessary before oiling.

Ipe is virtually impervious to moisture, mold, and bugs!

Ipe’s natural density and water-resistant properties will disallow bug damage. If your porch or deck is in a wooded area, or surrounded by plant life, you will not have to worry bug damage. Termites thrive in moisture in wood. Ipe’s resistance to moisture means that it’s also naturally resistant to termites! What’s more, water-resistance staves off mold and mildew. No water absorption also means no expansion or contraction that you will get with softer woods.

Low-to-grade, wrap-around Ipe deck surrounded by trees and tropical plants

Ipe is a great choice for spa decks.

With the water-resistant properties mentioned above, Ipe is often selected by homeowners for their hot tub decks. Exposure to moisture will not hamper the wood’s performance and longevity. If you are considering purchasing a hot tub, or thinking of replacing your current hot tub deck, Ipe should be on your list of considerations!

Multi-level Ipe hot tub deck

How strong is Ipe, really?

The hardness of wood is measured by the Janka hardness test, which measures the force required to embed a small steel ball into the wood at half of the ball’s diameter. This test is utilized to determine the suitable uses for woods. Common North American soft woods, such as pine, have a hardness factor of 800-900. On the same scale, Ipe’s hardness measures at approximately 3,700, making it ideal for outdoor living structures, such as decks and porches.

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